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Maximizing your use of Dental Insurance to Save Money.

Dental insurance used properly can truly save you money.  In order to maximize your use of dental insurance, your really need to know what your dental coverage is.  You need to know yearly maximums for individuals and family;  you need to know the coverage percentages for the different types of dental procedures.  You need to […]

Having work done by a General Dentist vs a Specialist saves money.

qualThe difference between a general dentist and a specialist is a general dentist can perform most dental procedures.  Specialists can only perform procedures related to their specific area of specialty (ie. an Orthodontist can only do ortodontics, etc.)  General dentists are trained in all procedures and can improve their knowledge and skills through continuing educations […]

Knowing Your Dental Coverage Saves Money.

If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, understanding your coverage and benefits will save you money.  Each primary policy holder should receive a booklet outlining your dental benefits.  There are 7 things you need to know about your coverage to save money on your dental bill. 1)  Know what type of year your […]

Another Way to Keep Dental Costs Down

Having diagnosed dental work done as soon as possible will keep dental costs down and keep your smile healthy.

Regular Dental Check ups: the key to saving money at the Dentist Office.

The best way to keep dental costs down is by having regular 6 month dental check ups and cleanings.  Many people feel the by not going to the dentist that they are going to save money, but this is not true in most cases.  In the case of dental cost, an ounce of prevention is […]

Monitoring your child’s dental development

In addition to establishing a routine of regular 6 month check ups for your child, you need to have a panoramic x-ray (panorex) taken every 3 to 4 years.  This x-rays shows the developing teeth, erupted teeth, lower jaw, and other crucial anatomical landmarks. Most dental insurances pay for this procedure every 3 years.  I […]

Baby’s First Visit to the Dental Office

I had a patient call the other day and ask when she should start taking her baby to the dentist for check ups.  This is her first child and she was curious about what she needed to do to make sure her child’s teeth were okay and so  the child would not be afraid of […]