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Teething is defined as the eruption of primary, or baby teeth, which is preceded by an increase in saliva production and flow (drooling).  Young children may become restless and irritable during this time period.  Parents may become frustrated by not knowing how to help their child during this time.  Teething is accompanied by inflammation of […]

3 Symptoms of an Abscessed Baby Tooth

I have had several questions from mothers about a small pimple like growth on the gum tissue under their child’s baby tooth.  This is an abscessed tooth.  The small pimple like growth is a gumboil.  The gum tissue is usually red, swollen, and tender.  The abscess can rupture spontaneously or when brushing the child’s teeth.  […]

Choosing the best toothbrush

There are a few things that you should look for when choosing a toothbrush.  As a dentist, we give each of our patients a toothbrush and floss when we clean their teeth.  Many things about a toothbrush are personal preferences and really make no real difference in how they affect the patient.  These are things […]

Tooth sensitivity after a filling

My niece asked me if extreme hot and cold sensitivity is normal after having a filling replaced.  She said the tooth has been this way for 3 months.   I told her that a little sensitivity is normal, but if a tooth is extremely sensitive, there is a problem. Whenever decay is present in a […]

What is dental plaque and tartar?

Dental plaque is the white stuff that looks like soggy bread and sticks to your teeth, especially at the gumline.  It is made up of old food and food debris that is then colonized by the bacteria that we have in our mouth.  It takes about 24 hours for plaque to form.  Within about 3 […]

Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers:the difference

A patient asked me “what is the difference between composite veneers and porcelain veneers?”. There are several difference that you should be aware of.   In my previous blog, I explain that a porcelain veneer is a facing for the tooth that is fabricated out of porcelain in a dental lab to bond onto the front […]

Porcelain Veneers: an alternative to tooth whitening

As stated in my previous blogs, whitening your teeth is a great way to improve the brightness of your smile, but continuous whitening treatment is required.  Also, any crowns and anterior fillings have to be replaced to match the new color, or shade of whiteness.  Also, if bleaching treatments are stopped, the teeth revert back […]

My child has a missing permanent tooth-what should I do?

If your child has a missing permanent tooth, what needs to be done depends on the specifics of that situation.  This needs to be confirmed with a periapical xray, or a panoramic xray (panorex-see previous blog about monitoring your child’ s  dental development) .  The worse case that  I have seen was a young man […]

My child has an extra tooth – what should I do?

Many children have either missing permanent teeth, or extra permanent teeth.  In a previous blog, I mentioned having a panoramic x-ray (panorex) taken to monitor your child’s dental development is important.    This is one of the reasons to have a panorex taken.  It will show any missing permanent teeth, and/or extra permanent teeth that […]

What is a Root Canal?

Each tooth has an opening in the root of the tooth that the nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth to form the pulp tissue.  The channels through which the nerves and blood vessels travel through are called canals.  When the tooth is traumatized and the nerve and blood vessel connection is severed, the living […]