Another Way to Keep Dental Costs Down

As stated in my previous blog, the best way to save money at the dentist is by having regular 6 month check ups.  A second way to save money at the dental office is by having needed dental work done as soon as possible.

Once a cavity or another problem is diagnosed at the dental office,  you should have it fixed as soon as possible.  No disease process that I have ever diagnosed in my office has ever gotten better on its own.   When these problems are neglected, they inevitably get worse.  That usually means more painful and more costly dental appointments.

For example, I had a patient who needed a filling in a wisdom tooth 2 years ago that her insurance would have paid for.  She came back a year later for another check up without having the tooth fixed.  On that visit it was determined that the tooth needed to be extracted.  She still had nothing done and came in this year for her check up and cleaning. Now she needs to be refered to an Oral Surgeon for a surgical extraction.

Waiting and not having a simple filling done increased her cost by 3 to 4 times.   Plus, originally she had very little discomfort with the cavity, but 2 years later it became a very painful emergency situation.

Another patient, without dental insurance, came into the office about 18 months ago with 3 of her teeth sensitive to cold.  We told her she needed 3 fillings.  Due to financial concerns, she decided to wait to have the work done.  She waited too long and we did 3 crowns on her this week.  The fillings would have cost her about $450.00; the crowns cost her $2325.oo, a difference of $1875.00!

Most simple fillings if left untreated will eventually need a root canal, a crown, or an extraction.  If extracted and replaced, you will need a bridge or an implant with a crown to replace the missing tooth.

So to save yourself money and decrease your pain associated with dental problems, please have diagnosed dental problems fixed as soon as possible.  It will be worth every penny you spend. It will help to keep your long term dental cost down and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

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