Maximizing your use of Dental Insurance to Save Money.

Dental insurance used properly can truly save you money.  In order to maximize your use of dental insurance, your really need to know what your dental coverage is.  You need to know yearly maximums for individuals and family;  you need to know the coverage percentages for the different types of dental procedures.  You need to know if there is any waiting period for having treatment done.  You need to know how frequently procedures can be done.  All of this information should be in the booklet provided by your employer.  If you do not have your booklet, you or your dentist can request the information.  If you have further questions, ask your dentist’s office to help you understand your coverage.

Once your understand your insurance, you need to schedule your dental appointments to maximixe your benefits.  My recommendation is to schedule your first yearly check up in the first four months of your coverage year and the second one six months later.  This allows time to have all necessary work done by the end of your coverage year.

Once all necessary work is done, find out how much of your dental benefits are left.  With the remaining benefits, use it to have any recommended work done.  Ask your dentist if there are any teeth he thinks may need wok in the near future (ie. large fillings that may need crowns, etc.)  Most people only use a fraction of their dental benefits each year.   Most people have teeth that the dentist is watching for potentuial problems.  By having these teeth fixed, it can save money on more expensive emergency treatment later.

Most people do not know much about preventive dental care.  These procedures are usually covered at 100% and help reduce cavities.  Sealants are one of the best things to have done on your children’s permanent teeth.  They can reduce decay by as much as 75%.  If you are without insurance, this is still a great investment.  Sealant usually cost about 75% of the cost of a filling.  Another procedure that is very helpful are panoramic Xrays.   These are allowed every 3 years with most insurances and provide valuable information to your dentist.  Flouride treatments can be very useful if you, or your children are having a lot of problems with frequent cavities.

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