My Child has a loose Permanent Front Tooth.

I received an e-mail at from a C. Biswas in another country asking for advice on a dental problem their child was having.  The problem was that the milk tooth (baby tooth) had been lost and the permanent front tooth (central incisor) had replaced it, but the tooth had become loose.  The child’s parent […]

What is dental plaque and tartar?

Dental plaque is the white stuff that looks like soggy bread and sticks to your teeth, especially at the gumline.  It is made up of old food and food debris that is then colonized by the bacteria that we have in our mouth.  It takes about 24 hours for plaque to form.  Within about 3 […]

Maximizing your use of Dental Insurance to Save Money.

Dental insurance used properly can truly save you money.  In order to maximize your use of dental insurance, your really need to know what your dental coverage is.  You need to know yearly maximums for individuals and family;  you need to know the coverage percentages for the different types of dental procedures.  You need to […]