What is a Crown and Why do I need one?

I get asked this question almost every time I tell a patient that they need a crown.  The word crown actually has 2 meanings in dentistry.  First, the crown of the tooth is that part of the tooth that is visible in the mouth and is covered by enamel.  The second definition pertains to the […]

Fillings: Their purposes and Procedures.

When a tooth has damaged tooth structure, either from decay, physical trauma, or a defect in the tooth structure itself, it becomes necessary to restore that damaged area of the tooth.  When we have any of the above situations with our teeth, the teeth are weakened.   A filling replaces or repairs the damaged tooth structure, […]

Tooth sensitivity after a filling

My niece asked me if extreme hot and cold sensitivity is normal after having a filling replaced.  She said the tooth has been this way for 3 months.   I told her that a little sensitivity is normal, but if a tooth is extremely sensitive, there is a problem. Whenever decay is present in a […]