Tooth eruption-a general timetable of eruption of teeth.

Many parents ask me when they should expect their child’s teeth to erupt, or come in; or when will their child should lose a certain baby tooth.  Every child’s dental development is different, but there is a general time frame for the eruption and/or loss of teeth as the child develops. In infants, the baby […]

My child has a missing permanent tooth-what should I do?

If your child has a missing permanent tooth, what needs to be done depends on the specifics of that situation.  This needs to be confirmed with a periapical xray, or a panoramic xray (panorex-see previous blog about monitoring your child’ s  dental development) .  The worse case that  I have seen was a young man […]

My child has an extra tooth – what should I do?

Many children have either missing permanent teeth, or extra permanent teeth.  In a previous blog, I mentioned having a panoramic x-ray (panorex) taken to monitor your child’s dental development is important.    This is one of the reasons to have a panorex taken.  It will show any missing permanent teeth, and/or extra permanent teeth that […]

Monitoring your child’s dental development

In addition to establishing a routine of regular 6 month check ups for your child, you need to have a panoramic x-ray (panorex) taken every 3 to 4 years.  This x-rays shows the developing teeth, erupted teeth, lower jaw, and other crucial anatomical landmarks. Most dental insurances pay for this procedure every 3 years.  I […]