Dental pain: Hypersensitivity (extremely sensitive teeth).

Dental hypersensitivity is defined as an adverse reaction to contact with specific substances in quantities that usually produce no reaction in most individual.  It can also be an allergic tendency to contact with specific substances and usually has an unusual violent, or intense  reaction.  Hypersensitivity can be divided into 2 types: 1) immediate; and 2) […]

Tooth sensitivity after a filling

My niece asked me if extreme hot and cold sensitivity is normal after having a filling replaced.  She said the tooth has been this way for 3 months.   I told her that a little sensitivity is normal, but if a tooth is extremely sensitive, there is a problem. Whenever decay is present in a […]

Sensitive Teeth caused by Teeth Whitening.

Increased tooth sensitivity after having your teeth whitened has been a complaint I have had from patients coming, or calling into my practice.  I have not had a patient complain of that problem with the whitening gels that we use in our office.  In my previous blog, I mentioned being a chemist before going to […]

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is probably one of the most asked about subjects in our dental office.  It is second only to questions about dental insurance and financial matters.  Whitening, or bleaching of the teeth is done by placing a chemical solution on the enamel of the teeth and letting it alter the the appearance of enamel […]